MetaTest NEURO

MetaTesT NEURO is a panel designed to detect diseases of the intermediary, mytochondrial and peroxysomal metabolism that involves a risk of neurological damage during development.Read more


MetaTest CRITICO is a panel that includes up to 50 different metabolic disorders that could involve a life threatening disease or conditions that causes serious danger to the child’s life.Read more

MetaTest PLUS

MetaTest PLUS es una prueba que incorpora a los estudios metabólicos un perfil metabólico en sangre que incluye: acilcarnitinas, aminoácidos, vitaminas y otros metabolitos, que permiten hacer una aproximación metabólica integral en pacientes con diferentes enfermedades sistémicas (diabetes, enfermedades neurológicas, neurodegenerativas, psiquiátricas, etc).Read more


MetaTest REFERENCE  includes the study of nearly 120 different metabolic diseases from a urine sample collected in filter paper. It is the diagnostic test that can screen a larger number of metabolic diseases in a single study.Read more